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UAT Roles and Capabilities 
Umbra Applied Technologies develops and integrates proven technologies that secure physical and electronic borders and protects nations, their infrastructures and economics, and populations across the globe. Umbra Applied Technologies is a leading global technology company that utilizes an innovative, comprehensive and systematic approach – predict, deter, detect, identify and classify, respond and resolve – to enable countries to address a wide range of current and emerging threats as well as protect themselves across the entire homeland security spectrum.

UAT Aerospace & Defense 
Umbra Applied Technologies (UAT) is developing and deploying superior, innovative aerospace-related technologies and solutions for its global civil, defense and intelligence community customers. Our core competencies are aligned with the current and future needs of our customers and address emerging global security challenges in key areas, such as unmanned systems, combat aircraft, and intelligence logistics that are critical to the defense of the nation and its allies. These competencies also address homeland security and large-scale civil information systems that enhance city, county and state government services.UAT is quickly becoming a leader in aerospace, possessing one of the industry’s most innovative and dynamic group of professionals in such mission areas as: 

•  Global Security
•  Command and control systems
•  Large-scale intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance information systems
•  Civil government and public safety information systems
•  System sustainment, logistics support and training
•  High-energy laser systems
•  Unmanned aerial vehicles
•  Secure communications
•  Weather, climate and environmental monitoring;
•  Aerospace situational awareness and Force enhancement 

UAT delivers advanced military air capabilities through a range of aircraft programs such as developed through our LTAC program, which will revolutionize existing UAV and combat aircraft programs. We are proving capabilities in prime contracting, systems integration, rapid engineering, manufacturing, maintenance, repair and upgrade, and military training. 

As a driving force of innovation, we are defining future systems and their underlying technologies. We are developing the next generation of unmanned aerial systems, and long-range combat aircraft. UAT has the committed leadership, expertise, and technologies to deliver mission success. We invite you to take a deeper look at UAT – a leading provider of aerospace solutions. 

Ethics and Business Conduct

Ethics and Business Conduct
Doing what is right because it is the right thing to do is the foundation of Umbra Applied Technologies' business culture. The reputation that our Company has earned for high legal and ethical standards is one of our greatest business assets. Our goal has never been solely to comply with the law, but to abide by the highest principles of integrity and concern for others.

We strive to conduct business in ways that reflect our Standards of Business Conduct – collectively as a company and as individual employees within the company. Through communications and training, we continually link individuals, including business associates, to Our Vision, Values and Behaviors. We must not sacrifice our integrity to achieve business objectives.
Our sense of ethics and doing what is right are the cornerstones of Umbra Applied Technologies' exemplary reputation. They allow us to gain respect and support within our communities, help provide a competitive advantage in the marketplace, and attract and retain individuals who not only demonstrate, but also demand high standards of business conduct.

Umbra Applied Technologies’ Code of Conduct is centered upon its resolute vision of becoming the most trusted provider of systems and technologies that ensure the security and freedom of our nation and its allies.  With great vision, however, comes great responsibility with regard to the way in which UAT conducts itself.  UAT provides the most sought after technology of the highest quality.  We deliver superior technology with the resolute pride knowing that we serve our nation and its warfighters.  

At Umbra Applied Technologies, changing the world is what we do. 

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Our Vision
Our vision is to be the most trusted provider of systems and technologies that ensure the security and freedom of our nation and its allies. As a technology leader, we will define the future of defense across the full spectrum of the National Security Apparatus.
We will —
  • Conduct ourselves with integrity and live our Company Values 
  • Deliver superior program performance 
  • Foster an internal environment of innovation, collaboration, and trust
In so doing, Umbra Applied Technologies will become our customers' partner of choice, our industry's employer of choice, and our shareholders' investment of choice.

Hello everyone! I thought it might be worth mentioning the notable design advantages:
• High efficiency
• Quiet operation
• Ease with which it can be used in almost any environment.
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Our civilian Sentry™ can use ambient temperature and conductive heat exchange from your tablet to generate electricity to power your electronic devices. Utilizing cyclic compression and expansion or more specifically, a closed–cycle regenerative thermodynamic power system.

The Sentry™PowerPad is a unique personal power system that can be used to charge your personal electronic devices

Sentry PowerPad can Power your iPad and other electronic devices without ever needing to be plugged in.  It uses advanced technology to generate electricity and charge your devices.  Imagine never having to pay for electrictity to charge your devices again!
Who we are
We are first and foremost innovators. We are looking to change and more importantly improve the world through technology. We have typically focused on military and government products/services in the areas of greentech, biotech and intelligence.
We are looking to expand into the civilian market segments by bringing relevant high quality tech to retail markets. We love the Indiegogo platform because it gives us something we rarely get, feedback on a large scale. By utilizing Indiegogo to fund projects we can readily discuss with you, the consumer, what tech you like and what tech you would like to see more of. This is very exciting to us as it creates a collaborate effort among all of us sharing this planet. We can work together to improve the globe environmentally and geopolitically. We cant wait to get started with you.
We Need Your Help!
We have designed, redesigned and reimagined Sentry™ many times during the past 12 months, pouring countless hours into thinking about the user experience, the technical aspects of the project and how to deliver the world's smartest and cleanest power source to you at an affordable price point. You can help bring The UAT Sentry™ Alternative Power System-Civilian Power Pad (SAPS-CPP) to the world by being the very first to own them!
What is UAT Sentry™ Alternative Power System-Civilian Power Pad?
The UAT Sentry™ Alternative Power System-Civilian Power Pad is a thermodynamic silent power supply that does not need to be charged or plugged in. Ever! Our civilian Sentry™ can use ambient temperature and conductive heat exchange from your tablet to generate electricity to power your electronic devices. Utilizing cyclic compression and expansion or more specifically, a closed-cycle regenerative thermodynamic power system.
Notable design advantages
- High efficiency
- Quiet operation
- Ease with which it can be used in almost any environment.
This compatibility with alternative and renewable energy sources has become increasingly significant as the price of electricity and conventional fuels rises, as well as concerns such as peak oil and climate change.
Global Environmental Concerns
While simply turning off household electronic devices can save each household thousands of pounds of carbon dioxide each year, it is not necessarily practical.
A study by the KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm reveals the fact that our love affair with electronics is contributing almost as much to global warming pollution as the entire airline industry. The study shows that the combined telecommunication, media and entertainment sectors are responsible for roughly 3% of all greenhouse gas emissions, as compared to 4-5% for the airline industry when all of its supporting infrastructure is included.
This can be broken down to 1.3% for the IT and telecommunications sector and 1.7% for the media and entertainment sector. Together the two sectors contribute some 1.4 billion tons of CO2 equivalent emissions, based on 2007 data. That wasn’t very long ago, but long enough for some segments, such as cell phones to grow by an additional 50% since then.
While device efficiency continues to improve, it remains to be seen whether that will ever be enough to keep up with the enormous number of new users coming online every day.
According to an article in Discover published in 2010, a stunning 57% of all the energy produced in the US is wasted, through inefficiencies and losses in the system. Clearly this remains an enormous opportunity to improve those sectors that are contributing in double-digit percentages to our carbon footprint, such as transportation and buildings. Using information technology for data collection and control and to generally work smarter in these sectors surely will provide savings far in excess of the additional power required.
e-reader CO2 emmisions
 e-reader CO2 emmisions
Digital delivery of content for e-readers is a rapidly expanding market. Many assume that, because trees aren't being cut down and used to manufacture paper for books, e-readers (including the Kindle™, Nook™, iPad™, and the like) are a greener way to read books and magazines. But a broader look at the use of these devices that includes the life-cycle of the e-readers themselves paints a much bleaker picture about how green they really are.
Considering the carbon emissions for an average adult reader who reads 6.5 books per year. Paperback books have a footprint of 26 kilograms (over 57 pounds) of CO2, as compared to just under 70 grams (about 0.15 pounds) for the e-reader. But the tables are turned drastically when the carbon footprint of the reader is added in. The carbon footprint for this average reader is almost identical (130 kilograms or 285 pounds) when expanded over 5 years.
But how many people still use 5-year old electronic devices? Assuming a 2-year replacement cycle, the chart shows that the iPad™ carbon footprint outstrips that for the print reader, and even the more efficient iPad2 has more than double the emissions over a 5 year period. High-volume readers and those who hold on to their electronic devices for longer periods may make the e-reader a more suitable choice, but technological alternatives aren't always all their proponents would like consumers to believe.
How much does it currently cost me to charge my devices without the Sentry™ Power Pad?
The Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) found that it cost $1.36 for the electricity needed annually to power a tablet or just under $3 if you are a heavy user and need juicing up every day.
EPRI’s lab tests reveal that each iPad™ model consumes less than 12 kWh of power in a year -- based on a full charge every other day. Meanwhile, running an iPhone 5 will result in a power cost of $.41 annually at 3.8 kWh.
Apple has sold more than 67 million iPads since 2010, so EPRI calculations put the energy use of all iPads ever sold at 590 GWh. It is widely assumed that this number will triple over the next two years; this consumption is the near equivalent of two 250 megawatt power plants operating at 50 percent capacity, the analysis estimates.
This equates to roughly 787 GWh (787,000,000 Kilowatt-hours) annually or the equivalent of anyone of the following results(according to
555,268 Metric Tons of CO2 - Carbon Dioxide or CO2 Equivalent
Annual greenhouse gas emissions from 115,681 passenger vehicles.
CO2 emissions from 62,249,759 gallons of gasoline consumed.
CO2 emissions from 1,291,321 barrels of oil consumed.
CO2 emissions from 7,324 tanker trucks’ worth of gasoline.
CO2 emissions from the electricity use of 83,124 homes for one year.
CO2 emissions from the energy use of 28,578 homes for one year.
Carbon sequestered by 14,237,637 tree seedlings grown for 10 years?
Carbon sequestered annually by 455,138 acres of pine or fir forests.
Carbon sequestered annually by 4,287 acres of forest preserved from deforestation.
CO2 emissions from 23,136,160 propane cylinders used for home barbeques.
CO2 emissions from burning 2,386 railcars’ worth of coal.
Greenhouse gas emissions avoided by recycling 207,965 tons of waste instead of sending it to the landfill.
Annual CO2 emissions of 0.157 coal fired power plants.
In 2009, a total of 457 power plants used coal to generate at least 95% of their electricity (EPA 2012). These plants emitted 1,614,625,638.1metric tons of CO2 in 2009.
Carbon dioxide emissions per power plant were calculated by dividing the total emissions from power plants whose primary source of fuel was coal by the number of power plants. 1,614,625,638.1 metric tons of CO2 × 1/457 power plants = 3,533,098 metric tons CO2/power plant
The Solution Is Clear
If every tablet user was given a Sentry™ Power Pad we could negate the entire annual carbon emissions of Canada!
Environmentally Friendly
The UAT Sentry™ Alternative Power System or Power Pad never needs to be charged or plugged in. It generates enough electricity to charge your tablet or various personal electronic mobile devices for FREE! (excluding the retail cost of the power pad itself)
What can I do with my Sentry Power Pad?
Charge your iPad™ or any other personal tablet
Charge your cell phone
Charge your iPod™ or any mp3 player
Charge most Bluetooth wireless devices
Charge your digital camera
Charge virtually any personal/compact electronic device
The Sentry™ App
Manage your free electricity with The free Sentry™ App which will be available on the App Store and Google Play and we also have plans for a Windows, Mac and Linux app. If we achieve our goal we'll fast track the development of these apps across each platform.
The Sentry™ app is one of our favorite aspects of the entire project, and we've spent countless hours thinking about how you can interact with your Power Pad so that you can calculate how much CO2 emissions you have prevented from being released, manage your usage and control output.
What do I get?
A first generation civilian Power Pad to power your tablet, cell phone and many other electronic devices in your home or business. Oh, and basically unlimited free electricity to power all your personal electronic devices. For life!
We are preparing more details on the above designs and other options that will be available in the next few weeks including dimensions, colors and more. The more pledges we receive the more options will be available. Please direct message us if you have a preference for casing style/type that is not on the above list.
One of the things we love about the Indiegogo process and community is it allows people like us to crowd source funding but more importantly gives us access to direct and real-time feedback from consumers and supporters like you. We are committed to creating the world’s best, most advanced products and will adjust our thinking and approach to achieve this. Given the overwhelming response to our product we are also now planning to create a blog and Indiegogo hotline to include you on design changes and improvements!! Thanks again for your support - we're glad we can share this journey with you.
All UAT products are designed and manufactured here in the United States.
We are ready for full production with your support
So where are we in this whole process? We’ve:
• Formed an strategic team in New Jersey, California and Texas
• Engineered the system to be mass-manufactured
• Built and tested proof-of-principle
• Tested a wide range of material formulations
• Written and optimized thousands of lines of code
• Tested a production run of alpha units
We’re nearly ready to set up full-scale manufacturing to get your Sentry Power Pad delivered as soon as possible. We take this last crucial step seriously, and we’ll need a lot of support to do the job right. That’s why we’ve turned to Indiegogo to get the production lines up and running!
If you decide to pitch in, you’ll get a discount and be one of the first to have our product on your desktop. But more importantly, you’ll play a huge part in starting this revolution in clean energy. We can’t wait to see you walking down the street or on a bus using your Sentry Power Pad!
Similar to many Indiegogo projects, we face several key risks and challenges in sparking this revolution in free energy. The primary risks for us include:
To achieve the level of simplicity in user experience that we have, we have to design and engineer a very complex system. We have taken two key steps to ensure our engineering success. 1) We have formed an amazing team of engineers and designers, and 2) we test our products with an obsession for perfection. In the last year, we have built prototypes, we will have a run of beta machines with significant user testing, and we keep enormous amounts of data to guide our future work.
Many Indiegogo campaigns can encounter problems when taking their prototypes to production. This includes issues finding suppliers and engineering products for mass-production. Smooth execution is absolutely essential to overcoming such risks. We take this lesson seriously and have been working for months negotiating with suppliers, testing component quality, and building a team that can execute on our promises. Our plans are nearly in place, and we now mainly require the resources to execute them.
Finding the right people is a challenge for any endeavor. Success in alternative energy sectors requires a team of talented, passionate, and motivated designers, engineers, and entrepreneurs. We have already formed a truly remarkable team, but we will have to bring in more team members to realize this dream. In fact, we are actively looking for new members to join UAT and hit the ground running! Check out our website for more information
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Umbra Applied Technologies’ Code of Conduct is centered upon its resolute vision of becoming the most trusted provider of systems and technologies that ensure the security and freedom of our nation and its allies.  With great vision, however, comes great responsibility with regard to the way in which UAT conducts itself.  UAT provides the most sought after technology of the highest quality.  We deliver superior technology with the resolute pride knowing that we serve our nation and its warfighters.  

At Umbra Applied Technologies, changing the world is what we do. 

#greentech #newtech #militarydefense

Our Five Key Behaviors
1. Live the Company Values
We all have the company values listed on the back of our badges—Quality, Customer Satisfaction, Leadership, Integrity, People, Suppliers. Integrity must characterize everything we do. We want everyone who comes in contact with us to know that we do things the right way at Umbra Applied Technologies. We do not take short cuts.

2. Focus on Operating Excellence
Umbra Applied Technologies is very well positioned strategically. We must focus on program performance to deliver on the full operating and financial potential of our company.
3. Act With Speed
Umbra Applied Technologies is a much larger company today than we were 36 months ago. With this increased size comes the challenge of operating in a timely fashion. We must avoid bureaucratic delays. We must be agile enough to act faster than our competitors. This "small company" behavior has characterized Umbra Applied Technologies all along and is one we must continue.
4. Communicate Openly
We want good news to travel fast and bad news to travel even faster up the line. We need to be mindful of the importance of honestly communicating problems as well as breakthroughs. The sooner we communicate a problem, the easier it is for us to marshal our company's resources to solve it.
5. Collaborate Across the Company
Umbra Applied Technologies' power comes from the talented people who make up our company. By cooperating and sharing our knowledge with each other seamlessly across organizations, we can make our company even stronger.